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 Product Features:
1) Wood Material: Superior Canada Hemlock for both inner and exterior.
2) The newest combined heater to give you exactly different experience.
3)  The design is the most popular item, one of the classic design
4)  Suitable for different decoration.
5)  Wall body comes with the backrest to ensure the comfort.

Name Far Infrared Sauna Room
Model KY-AH01C
Size 90*90*190cm 
Capacity 1 Person
Wood Canadian Hemlock
Heater Ceramic Heater + heating panel
Power 1400W
Operating Temperature 18~65 ℃
Control Panel Dual Digital Control panel
Music player Yes
LQ(20GP/40HQ) 33/72pcs

Easy Assemable : follow steps as below, very easy

Effects of Far Infrared to Human Body                                                                       

Tepidity effect
: maintaining the human body at a right temperature, which, compared to raising the skin temperature, is more likely to raise the body temperature (this is applied to eliminating the cancer cells) as well as relief of muscle fatigue.
Effect of growth promotion:  the far infrared can help the body tissue grow, thus it is an analgesic to scald and burn, and can help the wound recover.
Purification effect: stimulating blood circulation to supply the body with balanced nutrition.                                                                                                      
Neutralization effect: it is evacuate and helps neutralize order. The excreta and harmful heavy metal and pigment accumulated in the human body are flushed out by sweating together with the remained body fat. It can also reduce the surplus salinity of the human body; eliminate the cosmetic remains in the deep skin, so as to keep the skin young with shine.
Absorption of moisture: it helps maintain the moisture content of the human body at a proper level.
Relax effect:  your private natural forest space to relax whole body.

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